According to the Barna organization, less than 10% of pastors ranked discipling and evangelizing as vital favorite aspects of their job. Whether you fall into the minority category of enjoying discipleship and evangelizing or not, we can all agree they are crucial to fulfilling Jesus’ command to make disciples and grow the church.

In Jesus Steps is a discipling ministry designed to come alongside pastors and church leaders to make discipleship and evangelism an integral part of church member’s lives. With minimal training, your members can divide into small teams and facilitate their own discipleship meetings. Every five weeks, the church can have a celebration service for accountability and rejoicing in how Jesus is leading His disciples.

Your members will be praying for you and the church each week while they learn and practice other discipleship principles such as Bible study, loving God, encouraging each other to share their faith, making disciples, loving their neighbors, and holding one another accountable.

Let’s talk about how we can do this together.

steps for starting discipleship teams