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The following Bible lessons are designed for encouraging and instructing in walking in Jesus’ steps. Start with Unit 1 and move to the next consecutive Unit. Each lesson contains five days of individual study and questions for discussion. Timewise, it might be best to complete only one day per week of the five-day lesson.

Discipleship Program Instructions – PDF Download 

Overview of the IJS discipleship plan for being and making disciples for life.

Agenda for 2-hour Weekly Discipleship Meeting – PDF Download 

Suggested activities and times to get the most out of your weekly meeting.

Unit One – Who is God?

Basic and exciting study of God’s nature and how to know Him better. This is an excellent study to make sure all team members are on the same page. For some a great reminder of how to share God with a hurting world.

Unit Three – Christian Leadership Lessons

These study lessons inspire Christians to be the kind of leaders who positively influence the attitudes and actions of others for Jesus Christ.

Unit Four – Disciple of Christ Lessons

We continue to strive to please and serve Christ and consider the legacy He desires for us.