discipleship life plan

In Jesus Steps is designed to help Christians live victoriously and impact God’s kingdom.  Discipleship team members inspire and stimulate each other to this higher standard —- for life.

Three Key Components

  1. Sharing life and how God is leading.
  2. Praying for personal, church, country, and world issues.
  3. Bible lessons to hear from God, discuss, and to act. 

True Discipleship begins here.

A disciple follows and obeys Jesus Christ.  In Jesus Steps adheres to Christ’s model of discipleship with 3-7 men or 3-7 women forming teams to follow in His steps daily.  These small teams practice accountability, transparency, obedience, and total surrender to God.

Meetings: In-Person or Virtual

For virtual groups, we recommend using Canvas or Zoom. They work perfectly on computers, tablets, and smart phones to allow their video-conferencing feature.  This enables your team to meet virtually from anywhere in the world.

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