discipleship teams

Why do we need Discipleship Teams?

It’s important to be around like-minded Christians with a passion for God.  Small teams give everyone an opportunity to share how Christ is working in their lives, to be encouraged in living out their faith, and grow even closer to God.  When difficult situations, suffering, or persecution come, the team is there to pray and help each other.

How are Discipleship teams different than other Christian groups?

The teams are kept small (3-7 people) to allow for transparency, trusting interactions, prayer, and application of truth. The meetings are designed around Jesus and seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Action steps for living out one’s faith are included in weekly Bible lessons provided by In Jesus Steps. All materials are available on our website at no cost.

Accountability is emphasized, but without judgment. Deep relationships are formed as disciples submit to God, share their faith, obey God’s Word, and pray together to change the world. Emphasis is on passionately following in Jesus’ steps to fulfill the great commission and impact our world.

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